Omcan PE-BR-0500 - 20" Pizza Dough Former

  • CAD Regular price $6,529.00

The Omcan PE-BR-0500 is a pizza dough former (or called a pizza dough opener). This machine can take a ball of dough and quickly turn it into a well-formed flat dough for pizzas. It's extremely easy to use and can help you have a high level of production.

It's somewhat similar to a pizza dough press, but has cones that rotate at a consistent speed and apply even pressure to the dough, to ensure your pizzas come out fast and consistently. The longer you hold down the handle, the more flat and "worked" your dough will be. It can fit a pizza up to 20 inches.

      • Allows for high production with consistent results
      • Perfect for pizza shops
      • Comes with 3 discs with flat side and end crust shaping side
      • Anti-slip feet with adjustable height
      • Maximum pizza dough diameter is 20"
      • Easy to operate and maintain



    Brand Omcan
    Model PE-BR-0500
    Item 45763
    Made In Brazil
    Power 0.5 HP, 0.37 kW
    Rotation 40 RPM
    Electrical 110v, 60Hz
    Dimensions (DWH) 25.5" x 30.7" x 32.8"
    Nema Plug 5-15P
    Weight 220 lb


      One year parts and labor warranty.