Robot Coupe MicroMix - Light Duty Immersion Blender - 7" Shaft

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Robot Coupe's MicroMix stick mixer is the perfect option for providing emulsions or mixing smaller quantities in the hustle and bustle of a professional kitchen environment. This is a light duty blender and suited for everyday commercial use, with a shaft length of 7".  

The blender itself comes with Robot Coupe's patented Aeromix tool, which is a blade attachment specifically designed to produce instant light and airy emulsions that hold shape. As a result, the Aeromix attachment would be perfect for things like desert toppings. Robot Coupe's MicroMix also comes with a traditional blade for blending all your soups and sauces.

The Micromix's blender tube, bell, motor unit, and tools are 100% stainless steel. All parts can be easily detached for quick cleaning. The blender itself has a variable speed range from 1500 to 14,000 RPM. With its special bell design, the grip is comfortably sturdy -- perfect for using in a safe and controlled manner at all times. Also, the speed adjustment knob is conveniently placed and accurate, so you won't have to compromise your grip during use. 

      • 7" shaft length 
      • Comes with patented emulsion attachment and traditional blade
      • Made of 100% stainless steel
      • Parts can be easily detached for quick cleaning
      • Variable speeds from 1500 to 14,000 RPM
      • Conveniently placed speed adjustment knob


Model MicroMix 
Dimensions (WL)
2.7" x 17"
 220 Watts
Voltage 120; 1 phase
Weight 3 lb
Speed 1500 to 14000 rpm


One year one time replacement warranty.