Bakery Display Cases

Want to display baked goods in style for customers to see and choose from? We sell commercial-quality bakery display cases that can be used with goods such as muffins, cupcakes, croissants, cookies, and other goodies, but ultimately these cases are for baked goodies only, not meat products. While we also have refrigerated display cases available, these bakery display cases are "dry," which means they don't have refrigeration.

The main distinction between bakery display cases and a lot of other display cases is that the bakery ones are not refrigerated, but as the collection name implies, these cases are for baked goods or something similar, but not for deli products such as packaged meats. Without proper refrigeration, meat products will not last very long, so please make sure to only use these bakery units with items that will stay fresh for several hours and don't require heating or cooling.

These display cases range in size from 14"-wide countertop models up to 80"-wide floor models. Options range from just one shelf up to several, again, it just depends on the scale of your output. Some of the smaller models have trays that can be removed to better display products and also makes for easier cleaning. The size you get will depend on your operation: maybe you have a cafe or a convenience store, and you just want a little countertop case for your baked goods, or maybe you have a larger bakery section and you want a full-size floor model bakery display case.

There are options available with flat, slanted, or curved fronts. Some can be opened at the front (meaning customers can directly take items out themselves) and some units have rear doors only (keeping you in control of who gets what) and some units have doors at the front and back (for maximum options). The proper terms for these would be "self-service," "full-service," or "dual-service."

If you would like more information on bakery display cases and what makes them different from other displays, please get in contact with us.
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