Bakery Equipment

Bakery Ovens

Every type of oven a Canadian bakery could need: convection, rack, deck, artisan stone deck, and oven-proofer combinations.

Planetary Mixers

These are general purpose mixers that can mix sauces and batters and limited quantities of dough (depending on the mixer).

Spiral Mixers

Spiral mixers are designed for bakeries that want to mix a lot of dough. There are both small and large models.

Bakery Display Cases

These dry cases help you showcase your pastries and other treats. Some are full-service, while others are self-service.

Refrigerated Display Cases

Put your cakes and other goods that need to be refrigerated brightly on display.

Bread Slicers

Bread slicers are found in most bakeries and larger supermarkets. Some can be designed for soft breads, while others will work with a variety of types.

Sheet Pan Racks

Sheet pan racks (also known as bun pan racks) are essential for most bakeries, whether it's for storage or for use in a rack oven.

Dough Sheeters

Dough sheeters can be single, double, or reversible sheeters, and you can order countertop of floor models, depending on your needs.

Dough Dividers & Rounders

Some machines can just divide. Others can round. And then some others can do both! These can really speed up your dough production process.

Bread Moulders

Similar to a dough divider, a bread moulder will help you mould bread for specific types of doughs (like sticky doughs).


If you're making a lot of bread, these are essential. We have roll-in models and retarder proofers available, as well as standard proofer cabinets.

Wood Bakers Tables

No bakery would be complete without a bakers tables. Designed specifically for working with a lot of bakery products, these are quality commercial tables.

Mixer Attachments

If you need some extra attachments for your commercial mixer, this is the place to go for you.

Bun Pan Trucks

If you've got a lot of bun pans, these dollies can be a life-saver (and back-saver!) for lugging them around.

Bakery Water Mixers

Get the perfect dough every time. These will ensure your dough-making process is consistent and easy every time.

Compartment Sinks

2 compartment sinks and 3 compartment sinks are the most common type you'll find in bakeries in Canada.