Bakery Ovens – convection-oven

Bakery ovens come in multiple varieties: bakery convection ovens, artisan deck ovens, deck ovens, oven/proofer combos, and rack ovens. A bakery convection oven is one of the most efficient and reliable ways to cook bread, muffins, and other baked goods. Part of the reason is that bakery convection ovens typically circulate the heat with a fan, either automatic or programmable, to cook more evenly. (Also check out our pizza deck oven section.)

With a programmable bakery convection oven, you may find it comes equipped with a reverse-airflow fan. This type of fan changes the direction of air every two minutes to prevent bakery mishaps like muffin blowover. With an automatic bakery convection oven, it's likely that you would have to switch the rack position manually in order to prevent misshaping your batter-heavy goods.

For bigger bakeries, you may want to go with a double deck bakery convection oven, or if you’ve got a smaller bakery, you could go with a single deck oven. Many of these ovens have digital controls and displays so that you can create specific settings for whatever goods you plan on cooking.

Sometimes bakers prefer rack ovens over bakery convection ovens. These are a lot like our bakery convection ovens in that they have a fan generating airflow, but, these ovens allow for an even higher volume, enabling you to push one or two racks directly into the oven. Once inside the oven, the racks rotate for even heat distribution. With some brands such as Doyon, you'll find rack ovens that combine their automatic rotation with automatic reverse-airflow generation.

Another bonus to rotary rack ovens is that they look great! With their big, rotating glass windows, they can certainly serve as a WOW factor for your bakery.

There are, of course, times when a bakery may want an alternative to a convection style oven, and go with what is known as an artisan deck oven. These ovens typically appeal to bakers looking to cook artisan breads, cakes, or pastries. Instead of coming with a fan that circulates the heat, artisan deck ovens come with synthetic stones that absorb the heat and distribute it evenly throughout the surface.

These artisan decks can come with the capacity for different pan sizes, but are commonly manufactured for the standard pan size of 18" x 26". Additionally, you can control all four corners of the artisan deck's temperature, which in turn gives you total control over the chamber's heat. Artisan deck ovens can be powered via electric or gas like most ovens. However, natural gas or liquid propane is the most popular.

Most of the ovens come with a water inlet to provide moisture for your machines, so you're going to have to connect these bad boys to your building's water supply. And also note: you're going to have to make sure you get the right electrical setup for your machine. Take, for instance, artisan deck ovens. A lot of these ship from Europe and Asia, who's electrical specifications can vary.

At the end of the day, if you're unsure of which oven you should go with, just give us a call at 1-855-388-5999 or email us, and we'd love to help you out!
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