Bakery Tools

Perforated sheet pans for getting a crispy, golden brown finish on your chocolate chip cookies; pastry blenders for crafting soft, succulent biscuits; loaf pans for banana breads — okay, I'll stop drooling. But in all serious, our bakery tools collection carries all that and more. Furthermore, the items below are specially curated by our team of inhouse professionals. Everything you see is here because we consider it an essential tool for any bakery.

Below, you'll see bun pans (both perforated and solid), muffin tins, loaf tins, and spring-form cake pans. The choice between most of these items just depends on what you'll be cooking. But for bun pans, your choice between solid and perforated will depend on the finish you want on your baked goods. We carry both handled and tapered rolling pins; the latter being useful for foods that require precise hand movement, such as fondants. We also have icing spatulas of varying lengths for different sized cakes, pastry brushes, dredges, and more.

A lot of these bakery tools are manufactured by Browne, which is known for its quality and great design but is also available at an accessible price point. And for the other items that aren't Browne, such as Omcan or Oneida, we assure you they are here because our experts attest to their quality and value. We keep all these bakery tools in stock and ready to ship across Canada.
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