Bakery Water Meters

Water meters are a specialized category of bakery equipment, designed to give you maximum control over your baking process. If you want to make the best batch of product you can, you'll need the perfect mix, and once you have that, you'll want to keep your process consistent.

What water meters do is add a controlled amount of water to dough, with the end goal being to avoid dry crumbs and flat flavours by achieving the Goldilocks effect - the correct balance between dough and water. To do this, having accurate and precise control over the water quantity, flow rate, pressure, and temperature is ideal. If you can standardize the baking process with the perfect recipe, a water meter will keep it consistent and you'll get the perfect dough every time.

We have models with automatic and manual controls, depending on your preference. They have adjustable settings too such as displaying temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

As mentioned earlier these are specialized and unique pieces of hardware as such may require some professional insight when choosing which model would be best for you and your business. At iFoodEquipment, we're here to help and have a highly knowledgeable team ready to answer all of your questions. Please call us at 1-855-388-5999 or send us a message if you'd like learn more about the world of bakery water meters.
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