Bar Coolers

Most bars and pubs will have a bar cooler at the back of their bar. Some of these coolers are intended to hold your refrigerated kegs, with a draft tap on top. Other bar coolers are just convenient places to hold your beer and other drinks. If you're interested, you may also want to check out our bottle coolers, which also go great inside a bar.

First let's talk about bar coolers without draft taps: These are essential for most bars and for any restaurant that serves beer or any bottled drinks. These are waist high machines, so they have working tops which you can place items on, or they will be low enough that you can place them under your counter. We’ve got both glass and solid front displays, both of which are great, but with a few advantages and disadvantages, depending on your bar’s situation.

A glass front is great if you want to show off your bottled drinks. It can make finding drinks a lot easier and it can add a certain visual flair. However, they aren’t going to be as energy efficient as a solid door bar cooler. Also, you’re going to have to keep the bottles nice and tidy (which isn’t always easy in a busy restaurant or bar). So if you want to save energy, or are worried about your inability to keep tidy, then we’d opt for a solid door cooler.

Another important consideration when you’re trying to figure out which bottle cooler to buy is: What types of doors do you want on your bar cooler? A sliding door is going to save a lot of space, if you’ve got a crowded walkway, but a swing door gives you a little bit better access to the items in your fridge.

Another thing to consider is that these coolers can have locks on them too. If you’ve got a nightclub or bar and want to protect your drinks after hours, then this is a great feature to have.

You’ll also want to make sure you know how many shelves you need. The shelves in these back bar coolers are adjustable, so you should have pretty good flexibility with them.
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