Batch Freezers

A batch freezer is pretty much able to make any frozen desert that you'd put into a dipping cabinet: most typically these machines would be used to make ice cream, but you could make gelato, or custard, or sorbet, or even a fruit-ice-treat-thing if you wanted. So a batch freezer is perfect for ice cream stores or gourmet food places that want to make their own frozen treats.

These batch freezers are used in small establishments and they are used in fairly large establishments. Maybe you just want to offer a bit of ice cream as an addition to your other products, or maybe you want to use these to package large quantities of ice cream.

Take a look at how much ice cream or frozen dessert you'd like to produce and then compare that with the capacity of the batch freezer. How many batches of ice cream would you like to make an hour? Or in a day? These are the sorts of questions that will help you narrow down which batch freezer you'd like to buy.

If you're confused and would like a little help in which batch freezer to buy, give us a call and we'd be happy to help you pick one out.
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