Blast Chillers

A blast chiller allows you to quickly cool your products to a safe holding temperature. This stops any bacteria from developing on your food, because they are brought to safe temperatures very quickly. This can be an essential piece of refrigeration equipment for some commercial kitchens because of Canadian health-code considerations. These blast chillers can also extend the shelf-life of your pre-cooked products.

These are all commercial machines, so they are made of the highest quality materials, and come with sturdy compressors and insulation.

You’ll need to decide whether you want a blast chiller to be on your floor, underneath a counter, or on top of a counter. Your kitchen layout will have a big impact on where you place your chiller and so this will also impact which chiller you will buy. The biggest consideration perhaps is how much the blast chiller will hold. You'll need to look at how many products you'll need to freeze, how much the chiller can hold, and how quickly it chills what it can hold. 

These are advanced machines, so they allow you to chill your food in a variety of different ways, and they come with tools to check the temperature of your products.

If you’re unsure which commercial blast chiller you should buy, give us a call at 1-855-388-5999 and we can give you a hand.
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