Bottle Coolers

A bottle cooler is a great addition for any pub, restaurant, or bar in Canada. You’ll also often find a bottle cooler in outside bars, rooftops, or poolside cabanas. These coolers give your bartenders easy access to your beers and other bottle drinks, so it’s an essential piece of equipment for most bars. And for certain operations, these coolers work as self-serve coolers.

The capacity is probably your most important consideration when deciding which one you want to buy. The capacity is usually measured in how many cases of bottles or can it can store. That’s because these coolers are usually meant to refrigerate bottles and cans. These coolers are meant to store your most used items, so you don't necessarily need to be able to put every drink that you serve in one of these machines. Your top five drinks is a pretty good start - just your best sellers.

One nifty feature is the bottle opener and cap catcher that many of our coolers have: this allows your bartender to quickly serve drinks and will definitely increase your bar’s productivity.

If you’re not sure which bottle cooler you should get for your bar, give us a call, and we’d be happy to help you choose one out.
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