Bread Crumb Machines – bakemax

Bread crumb machines are used in restaurants and bakeries across Canada that need to do something with stale bread, or who need bread crumbs for certain recipes and so use fresh bread. Bread crumbs can be used for veggie burgers or casseroles and for a variety of other dishes.

These are commercial machines, so they are made very durable, with stainless steel and other high-end materials. They have powerful motors and cooling fans, so you should be able to run bread through these continuously without fear of burning out the motor.

When deciding which bread grater to buy, your primary consideration (besides price) will be the amount of bread that it can produce. This is measured usually by pounds per hour. So, if you’re already using bread crumbs for a number of recipes, ask yourself, How many pounds of bread crumbs do I go through in a day / a week.

If you’re unsure of which commercial bread grater would work best for you, that’s alright! Nothing to get grated about. Give us a call and we’d love to help you out.
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