Bubble Tea Machines

Commercial bubble tea machines are a great, up-and-coming way to get new customers into your coffee shop, restaurant, café, or bistro. What is bubble tea? Also known as boba tea and pearl milk tea, bubble tea originated in Taiwan during the 1980s before going international more recently. The product usually consists of (at least) milk, tea, sweeteners, and most uniquely, chewy tapioca pearls. The distinct texture and taste of tapioca pearls, often drank through a larger-than-normal straw, is one of a key few ways bubble tea has made a name for itself.

There are a lot of appliance options within this space. There are dispensers for the tea, shakers to mix all the ingredients together, and more. Of course, it's best to know what your establishment wants to serve before purchasing any equipment. Automation cab be extremely helpful, but as bubble tea can be a "customizable" product, you'll need to determine which steps you want to automate, and which you want to be done by hand. But here's what's guaranteed across the board - buying equipment for automation will streamline, quicken, and make your process more consistent. The more consistent the process, the more consistent the product.

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