Buffet Serving Spoons

Buffet serving spoons, sometimes referred to as basting spoons, are primarily used for serving. We offer two types on the website: traditional serving spoons and a rice serving spoon. Both are constructed of stainless steel and meant to be used in a commercial kitchen. They're able to withstand frequent use and high temperatures.

What serving spoon you pick will depend on what food you plan on serving. Food that is really greasy or watery may require a spoon with slots and holes for the grease or water to drain. Your choice between a slotted and perforated spoon will depend even more so on what food you plan on serving, as food with tiny bits may slip through the slots on a slotted spoon. Rice serving spoons are great for mixing and serving rice. They're flattened and curved which gives them the ability to scrape rice from the sides of the cooking vessel.

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