Butcher Equipment

We have a full range of butcher equipment for any butcher shop in Canada. The most common item we sell is a meat slicer, which we have a lot of. We have light duty and heavy duty models, and with various blade sizes.

The second most popular piece of butcher equipment we sell are meat grinders. If you want to grind your own beef or turkey or whatever, you're going to need a commercial meat grinder.

We also sell meat mixers, because a lot of butcher shops will want to take their ground meat and mix it with their own spices, which can turn some bland meat into something really special! (Like we always say, spices are the spice of life.)

But these pieces of butcher equipment are also useful for restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, delis, and any commercial kitchen that wants to prep their own meat. If you're unsure about which products you should get for your butcher shop, just give us a call and we'd be glad to help you out.