Can Racks

Commercial can racks are a simple solution to keep your establishment's cans organized, secure, and ready for service. Products like these would be best suited for use in commercial kitchens, bakeries, bars, or anywhere large quantities of cans need to be transported, stored, and organized.

The racks are available in full- or half-sizes, the shorter of which have a tabletop for additional work and storage space. Cans slide into the rows so the tops are facing the front and the round edges can rotate on the support beams without tipping or falling.

Racks like these can be mobile, the idea is to be able to transport large quantities of product in a single trip with as much ease as possible. Some models come with caster wheels, some with brakes, some without. A secure means of moving large loads of small but heavy items like metal cans is much safer, easier, and above all, faster, than other methods. Some racks can house hundreds of cans.

Because these units are open on all sides, they offer a solution to cramped cupboard spaces where the sides and back are not accessible in addition to being dark. This way cans never get lost or forgotten at the back and are easily visible.

Using a can rack also gives you the option to place it wherever you like, and you can change it anytime. Whether you prefer a permanent placement in a specific spot or want it to be mobile-ready all the time, this product gives you that choice.
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