Carlisle 60103 - 6" Aluminum Burger Cover

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Carlisle's 6" hamburger cover is great for BBQ's, fast food, diners, high-end restaurants, and more. It is designed to accelerate cooking on grill tops and help retain flavour and moisture by trapping steam around the patty. This provides quick and even heating for thorough cooking, saving time while producing a better burger.

This product is designed with an aluminum body that distributes and retains heat well, as well as a heat-resistant, Bakelite handle that is cool to the touch.

      • 6" burger cover that ensures flavour, moisture, and fast, even grilling
      • Great for any commercial kitchen that serves burgers
      • Features aluminum construction and heat-resistant handle


Brand Carlisle
Model 60103
Construction Aluminum, Bakelite
Dimensions (DH) 6" x 2.5"