A charbroiler can give your food that flame-cooked taste — all from the comfort and safety of the great Canadian indoors! A commercial charbroiler is primarily used for cooking meats like hamburgers, steak, fish, and chicken. They are also useful in finishing off dishes and reheating entrees. One of the great things about charbroilers is that the grate adds appealing sear marks to foods. Want to know what the difference is between a lava rock charbroiler and a radiant charbroiler?

Lava Rock and Radiant charbroilers are made to distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking surface and vaporize grease drippings. Lava Rock charbroilers are a little less expensive to purchase but can be more expensive to maintain as the lava rocks will become coated with burnt drippings and may need to be replaced every 6 months. Radiant charbroilers are more expensive initially but there is little to no maintenance required. Radiant charbroilers have a more controlled heat surface and there are less flare- ups because of the slanted heat sheaths. Lava Rocks Simulate charcoal cooking, fat drips onto the rocks to create a flavourful smoke. There are also more flare-ups due to increased fat build up on lava rocks.
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