Chef Bases

Chef bases allow chefs across Canada to quickly access and store their refrigerated goods. They are ideal for cooking situations where frequent access to refrigerated goods is needed, because the top surface is meant to support other kitchen appliances (such as griddles). One consideration to make before you purchase as chef base is the weight capacity of the unit. Make sure the chef base can handle the equipment you want to place on top of the chef base.

Like all refrigerated equipment, the larger the machine, the more cubic feet and drawers available, but this will also demand greater space. You'll need to allow a few inches by the air vents to allow proper air flow. If the chef base doesn't have proper air ventilation, the compressor could get dirtied and burn out. Proper air ventilation is easy enough to achieve though, as all our units are supplied with wheels so they can easily be moved.

If you’re not exactly sure which item you think is best for your situation, give us a call and we’ll help you pick out the best commercial chef base for your restaurant.
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