Chef Jackets & Uniforms

Chef jackets and chef uniforms are used in restaurants, hotels, and any foodservice establishment that wants to have a consistent, professional look. We've curated a list of what we consider to be the best chef jackets and chef uniforms: these all balance price-point with commercial quality, so you can know you are getting quality clothing, but at the same time not breaking the bank. 

We've hand-selected a list of all the basics: we don't have many crazy colours or designs, but all of your standard designs that will mean it will work in 95% of restaurants or commercial kitchens you could find yourself in. This means we've got black uniforms, white uniforms, and sometimes we have what's known as "gangster" pin-stripes.

These items come from Premium Uniforms, which is a supplier of quality commercial linens and clothing in Canada, and has been doing it for a number of years. We keep these items in stock, so if you're in a pinch and need these right away we can provide quick-shipping for any of the items on here that aren't marked as sold out. If you place an order during the work-week, we ship out the same day, and depending on your location in the country, you can expect delivery within a few days.

We have sizing charts on the clothing, so it's good to get out the old measuring tape and make sure you're buying the correct size before you order. If you need any help with sizing, you can give us a call before you place your order. Professional chef uniforms are meant to be comfortable, durable, and look good. These jackets and pants should have a breathable, comfortable feel to them, and be able to stand up to wash after wash, as it's likely you're going to be getting some food on these outfits!
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