Combi Ovens

A combi oven is probably the most versatile commercial oven out in the market. You can steam your food, you can convection bake your food, or you can do both at once. This versatility make these ovens perfect for a number of establishments: you’ll find a combi oven in bakeries, restaurants, bistros, or cafés across Canada. These ovens can cook vegetables, cookies, casseroles, seafood, and a whole lot more. Convection heating will ensure a thoroughness, so there won’t be any cold spots. And steam heating will ensure that nothing gets dried out.

Combi ovens are most commonly measured by what pan sizes they take. There are two options: you can buy a full-size oven or a half-size oven. A full-size oven will accept full-size sheet pans, which measure 18” x 26”. A half-size oven will accept half-size sheet pans, which measure 18” x 13”. Both sizes of oven should be able to accept full-size hotel or steam table pans, which measure 12” x 20”.

Another consideration is pan levels. This is one way to consider the capacity of a combi oven, but you have to take into consideration that not every pan level should be used at once. So if you’ve got a combi oven with six levels, you probably shouldn’t be cooking with six pans in there all at the same time. Filling each level with a pan would limit the circulation of the air in the oven and affect your cooking.
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