Commercial Blenders

There are three types of commercial blenders you can find in Canada: those for food, those for drinks, and those for both. An all-purpose commercial blender will be able to be a drink mixer and a food processor. (If you’re just looking for a food processor, check out our food processor section.) An all purpose blender can make smoothies, cocktails, soups, or even nut butters.

These are all commercial grade, made with stainless steel, shatterproof plastics like polycarbonate and copolyester — and high quality internal materials so that your blenders won’t burn out in even the busiest of restaurants and commercial kitchens.

When picking a commercial blender, you’ll have to decide between a light-duty and heavy-duty blender, depending on the needs of your establishment. A light-duty blender will be cheaper, but you won’t be able to use it as heavily as a heavy-duty blender. Some people will try to save money by buying the cheaper piece of equipment, but it’s just not right for their location: better to spend a little bit more up-front and have a blender for years and years, then to buy a cheaper one and need to replace it within the year. That being said, if you’re not going to be using the blender a lot, there’s no need to fork out the extra cash for a heavy-duty blender. Save your money and go with a light-duty one.

For a diner, restaurant, or bar — you should be able to find a commercial blender here that will do the trick for you. Consider the horsepower, whether you want round or square jars, and what kind of controls you want: preprogramed controls, custom program controls, or manual controls.

If you’re not sure which commercial blender you should buy, give us a call at 1-855-388-5999 and we’d be happy to help you out. Plus we're Canadian, so we're friendly! 
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