BakeMax BMGF001 - Bread Slicer

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The BakeMax BMGF001 gravity feed bread slicer is the ideal machine for slicing your bread consistently and quickly. This bread slicer can slice any type of soft crust bread, and it can work in both a retail and wholesale establishments.

The BakeMax BMGF001 has a last loaf pusher, so that when you are slicing your last loaf you do not need to push with your hands. This allows you to keep your hands away from the sharp blades.

This bread slicer also comes with a bagging scoop to make the process even more simple. The BMGF001 is sure to speed up your bread slicing output and quality.

      • Last loaf pusher and bagging scoop included.
      • Six slicing thickness available.
      • 15″ max loaf length.
      • Compact construction allows it to be placed on your countertop.
      • The gravity feed chute can hold multiple loaves.
      • The last loaf pusher ensures safety, by keeping your hands away from blades.
      • The bagging scoop helps you bag the sliced bread.
      • Six slice thicknesses available.
      • Plug N’ Go electrical for easy installation.
      • Slicing thicknesses available: 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″


Model BMGF001
Hz 60
Phase 1
Volts 110
HP 0.25
Amp 6
Dimensions (WDH) 26″” x 30″ x 32″
Max Loaf Length 15″


One year parts and labour warranty.