Commercial Brooms & Mops

Restaurants and hotels require much heavier-duty sweeping and scrubbing, so they need brooms and mops that can withstand their requirements. There are few different types of commercial brooms and commericial mops, so we'll break down the difference and the buying you'll need to think about as you shop for the right one for your establishment.

If you don't want to be rough on a ground surface so you can avoid scratching, a (dry) dust mop would be your best choice as it's made from a soft material for gentle sweeping, usually with a sizable width for maximum reach. You push a dust mop in a similar path as you would a vacuum cleaner instead of the traditional sweeping method of back and forth. Dust mops are also quite speedy for covering larger areas compared to a regular broom or mop.

The coarser a broom's bristles are, the better it will be at dealing with oily or greasy surfaces, like the ones an old-fashioned corn broom has. Some brooms even have multiple bristle types for additional sweeping power and versatility. Smaller or angled broom heads can get into tight corner spaces more easily.

Mops need to be durable and rewashable for repeat usage. They're best for cleaning up liquid spills or stuck-on residue that regular brooms can't handle. If you're cleaning up a big area, it's best to sweep first, mop second.

Having bright, easily-distinguishable colours can make confusion a thing of the past, for example - green for indoors, blue for washrooms, and red for outdoors. It's important in a restaurant, for health and safety reasons, to keep these different mops and brooms distinct from one another. You don't want to mop the bathroom and the kitchen with the same mop. Dustpans are also a great accessory to collect sweepings, especially while inside. So sweep your worries away using these brooms and mops, and of course, contact us if you'd like to learn more.
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