Commercial Chest Freezers

A commercial chest freezer is just like your home deep freeze — but oh so much better. These freezers have thick, commercial insulation and are built with a much higher standard than residential models. These freezers all have solid tops: if that’s not what you’re looking for, go to our glass top display freezer section. Despite not having a glass top, these freezers can still be great for holding you ice cream novelties or other frozen goods, either in the back-of-house or the front-of-house.

Some things you’ll want to look out for when buying a chest freezer. First, do they have interior lights? Some models will have lights, which make them a lot nicer if you’re going to use these freezers in the front-of-house, so that you’re customers can access the frozen goods.

Second, what kind of certifications does the freezer have? If they are energy star or NSF certified, that’s an added bonus (and for some health inspectors, NSF is a clear stamp of approval).

Finally, having castors on the bottom of your commercial deep freeze is going to help a lot. They’ll make lugging your freezer around a lot easier, which can greatly reduce the burden for cleaning and maintenance.

You’ll find these chest freezers in ice cream shops, convenience stores, and commercial kitchens all across Canada. They are sturdy and convenient. So let us know if you’re not sure which chest freezer you want to buy. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or live chat with us!
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