Bunn Coffee Machine
Airpots are sold separately. Not all customizations and features will be shown in photos.

Bunn CW - Airpot Coffee Brewer

  • CAD Regular price $854.00

The Bunn CW Series of coffee brewers are plumbed machines with a pourover backup feature. They have simple, analog switch controls and brew directly into portable, insulated servers that will keep your coffee at the optimal temperature. These brewers come in a few different varieties, with different voltages and options.

      • Accommodates 1.9 to 3 litre airpots
      • Models are space saving 9" wide
      • All stainless steel construction
      • "SplashGard" funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand
      • Hot water faucet
      • Each model has a pourover backup feature
      • Optional gourmet funnel allows use of heavier throw weights
      • For dual voltage models, the voltage converts easily by flipping a switch


                Item Model Trunk Funnel Output** Volt
                23001.6006 CWT15-APS* Black Plastic 60 120
                23001.6012 CWTF15-APS Black Plastic 60 120
                23001.6018 CWTF15-APS Black SS 60 120
                23001.6013 CWTF15-APS SS Plastic 60 120
                23001.6039 CWTF15-APS SS SS 60 120
                23001.6017 CWTF35-APS Black Plastic 120 120/240
                23001.6016 CWTF35-APS SS Plastic 120 120/240
                23001.6054 CWTF35-APS SS SS 120 120/240
                23001.6056 CWTF-APS DV SS Plastic 62-120 DV***
                23001.6059 CWTF-APS DV SS SS 62-120 DV***
                *No faucet on CWT15-APS
                **8 ounce cups per hour.
                ***Dual Voltage can operate at 120v, 120/208v, or 120/240v


                One year parts and labour warranty.

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