Commercial Cooking Spoons

Cooking spoons are used mainly for stirring. They're too flat to be used for portioning. We carry two types of commercial cooking spoons -- spootensils and traditional wooden spoons. These spoons are designed specifically for use in commercial kitchens. They're made of sturdy material that can withstand daily, frequent use.

Spootensils are made of plastic that can withstand temperatures of up to 221° Celsius. Spootensils are flatter than traditional wooden spoons and are good for scraping sauce or mixture from the side of a pot or container. We offer a few different sizes of spootensils: 9.8", 15.75", and 19.75".

The choice between a spootensil and a wooden spoon comes down to personal preference. For some cuisines, chefs may prefer using wooden implements because they become seasoned with flavour. Ultimately, both options are made of good materials and are constructed seemlessly to where nearly all foodtraps are eliminated.
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