Mercer Culinary 35120 - Hell's Tools 9.8" White Spootensil

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The Mercer Culinary 35120 is a 9.8 inch, white, nylon spootensil, and a member of Mercer Culinary's "Hell's Tools" line of kitchen utensils. This commercial spootensil is impact-resistant and quite solid. As a result, it won't warp to bend in response to high heats of up to 221° Celsius. It's mainly used for mixing things like steamed vegetables or hot sauces, and won't serve as a portioning tool due to its flatness.

When choosing the length of spootensil, you'll want to consider the cooking vessels you'll be using it with. The longer spootensils are more suited to larger cooking vessels where the user wants to keep away from the heat as much as possible. Other lengths include 15.75 and 19.75 inches. 

      • NSF approved
      • Constructed of heat-resistant, white nylon
      • Heat resistant up to 221° Celsius
      • Best suited to mixing
      • 9.8" long


Brand Mercer Culinary
Item 35120
Line Hell's Tools
Length 9.8"