Commercial Cotton Candy Machines

If you’ve got a concession stand, or are selling cotton candy at a carnival or fairground in Canada, a commercial cotton candy machine is the thing for you. These are all commercial machines, so they can withstand the demands of the toughest settings. That being said, you’ll want to have an idea of how much cotton candy you’ll need to be making: some machines will be good for making 2 or 3 servings a minute, and other higher-volume cotton candy machines will be able to make up to 7 servings a minute. So while these are all commercial machines, there is definitely a range in their capabilities.

Many of these cotton candy machines also serve as merchandisers, which help you display your treat to customers and so help you sell more cotton candy. And we’ve also got carts, which are great for carnivals or amusements parks, so that your cotton candy machine can be mobile and you can bring it around easily to find news crowds of customers.

Aluminum and stainless steel heads provide the best heat retention for making cotton candy, allowing you to more efficiently make cotton candy, but they are a bit heavier and a bit more expensive. A plastic cotton candy bowl will be a bit cheaper and lighter to carry around, but it’s not going to retain heat as well.

If you’re not sure which commercial cotton candy machine you should buy, give us a call or send us an email and we’d love to help you out. If you’re not sure which cotton candy machine is the best, or if you’re not sure which one would suit a concession stand over a carnival location, we can definitely give you some advice.
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