Commercial Deep Fryers

Floor Deep Fryers

These fryers are for those restaurants who are serious about their deep frying! These machines can handle big quantities and big variety.

Countertop Deep Fryers

For commercial kitchens who are just looking to fry a couple things here or there. While these are small, they're still tough!  

Outdoor Fryers

For rental applications, caterers, or any commercial institution who wants to have a heavy duty deep-fryer outside.

Fryer Oil Filter Machines

Increase the longevity of your fryer's oil with a mobile fryer oil filtration system.

Commercial Fryer Accessories

Fryer baskets and filter paper machines for your commercial deep fryers.

Commercial deep fryers can be found in almost any restaurant in Canada. They can be found in fast food places and high end restaurants. You can cook fish, fries, or even ice cream in these things, so they are versatile and mighty machines that will last you for many years to come.

There are really a lot of deep fryers that we sell. So we'll try to help you out in picking which one would suit you best. First off, the biggest difference is between countertop deep fryers and floor model deep fryers.

Countertop deep fryers usually have a much smaller capacity, so you won't be able to produce as much much fried food. But some of them are actually bigger then you think. They can have a capacity of up to 30 pounds, which rivals some floor model fryers. So maybe you want a countertop fryer to save some space in your kitchen, or maybe just because you only do a few fried things every once in a while. Some establishments will choose a countertop model because they just want to start testing out fried food, but don't really want to make a huge investment. There are definitely some econonmy fryers which can suit your needs.

Next up, floor model deep fryers are the big boys! These are going to take up some space in your kitchen, and will cost you a bit more money. But we have everything from economy floor fryers to high end floor fryers. So no matter your budget or how much you want to produce, we should have a commercial fryer to suit you.

If you don't know which commercial deep fryer you should by, just give us a call or send us an email or live chat us or maybe send us a letter in the mail or send us a pigeon -- no matter how you get in contact with us, we'd be happy to help you choose the best fryer for your restaurant.