Frymaster GF14 - 40 lb. Gas Floor Fryer - 100,000 BTU

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The Frymaster GF14 is a 40 pound gas fryer. It has millivolt controls. No electrical connection is required. It also comes equipped with a Master Jet burner system that creates a large heat transfer area and a snap action thermostat that reliably activates the burner in response to any temperature changes. The frying area dimensions are 12" x 15" x 4".

Frymaster fryers are made in America and well-known. Their claim to fame is their open pot design. The Frymaster GF14 has this design whereas the Frymaster SR42G has a tube type design. The difference between these two designs is that an open pot fryer is heated externally whereas tube types have tube burners that directly heat the oil. Open pots are easier to clean but less suited for heavy-duty frying than their tube type counterparts.

The Frymaster GF14 is also similar to the Frymaster MJ40. The main difference is that MJ40 has a ceramic heating target that makes it slightly more efficient than the Frymaster GF14. But rest assured, if you do not need that extra bit of optimization then then GF14 is still a great fryer and is considered to be one of Frymaster's top selling fryers.

      • Made in America
      • NSF approved
      • Open pot design that is easy-to-clean and suitable for less flaky foods
      • Metal heating targets
      • 40 lb capacity
      • Millivolt controls
      • Snap action thermostat
      • Comes with two fry baskets
      • Comes with steel legs and casters


      Model GF14
      Dimensions (WDH) 15.6" x 30.9" x 41.1"
      Frying Area 12" x 15" x 4"
      Oil Capacity 40 lb.
      Power 100,000 Btu/hr.
      Input 25,189 kcal/hr.
      Gas Connection 3/4"


      One year limited parts and labour warranty.