Imperial IFS-40 - 40 lb. Gas Floor Fryer - 105,000 BTU

  • CAD Regular price $3,216.00

The Imperial IFS-40 is a gas-powered floor-model deep fryer that can be ordered with either tube-fired burners or an open pot design (IFS-40-OP), for either natural gas or liquid propane. It has a 40 pound oil capacity.

The open pot design is perfect for a commercial kitchen that will produce a lot of fries, onion rings, chicken tenders, and other pre-breaded items. It is easy to clean, but won't work as well with high-sediment food items as the tube-fired model, and it will take longer to preheat. The tube-fired model will work well with heavily battered, high-sediment food. But cleaning this model type can be a bit more difficult than an open pot design.

Imperial has been making high quality, top value cooking equipment since 1957. They use innovative manufacturing processing with state-of-the-art technology and machinery to enhance efficiencies, lower production costs, and offer top quality equipment.

      • Made in the USA
      • Precision welded frypots: Radius formed edges precision welded robotically on the outside of the frypot for accuracy and consistency. Virtually eliminates leaks
      • Stainless steel exterior, except back
      • Stainless steel frypot
      • Large nickel-plated fry baskets
      • Vinyl-coated basket handle
      • Fine mesh crumb screen
      • Full heat shield behind control panel
      • Double panel door
      • Recessed bottom for drain accessibility
      • 1.25" full port drain valve
      • Full bottom structural support
      • Plate mounted legs


Model IFS-40, IFS-40-OP
Oil Capacity 40 lb
Gas Output 105,000 BTU
Ship Weight 221 lb
Manifold Pressure 4" W.C. (NG) | 11" W.C. (LP)
Manifold Size 3/4"
Frying Area 14" x 14"
Dimensions (WDH) 15.5" x 30.5" x 45.75"


One year parts and labour warranty. Limited warranty on frypot, stainless steel frypot is five years pro-rated.