Perfect Fry PFC570 - Electric Countertop Ventless Fryer - Semi-Automatic

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The Perfect Fry PFC570 is a unique commercial deep fryer. It has many advantages over traditional deep fryers: first off, it's self-venting, so you don't have to worry about purchasing an expensive vent-hood, which can cost thousands of dollars. And compared to other ventless fryers, the Perfect fry has an extremely compact design, making this perfect for kitchens or food trucks who are tight on space.

It's also an incredibly versatile machine: you can cook fish and chips one minute and a batch of chicken wings the next: it will do all of this quickly and without taste contamination. All you need to do is fill the basket with your food, insert the basket, hit the cooking method you want, and the Perfect Fry is going to handle the rest -- so you don't have to worry about training your staff with all the details of fry cooking. This machine handles all the difficult tasks so you'll get consistent, delicious food every time. It has a simple yet robust user interface, which is easy to use but allows for complete customization to suit your needs. 

There are a couple difference with the PFC570 and the Perfect Fry PFA720. The PFA720 is a fully automatic machine, which means you just dump the product in the hopper, and it will load this into the oil, and dispense the food once it's done. The PFC570, on the other hand, is semi-automatic, so you'll have to load the fryer basket, insert it into the machine, and take out the fryer basket when you're done. This is a relatively small difference, but the bigger difference is in the capacity. The PFC570 has a load capacity of 2 pounds, whereas the PFA720 has a load capacity of 3 pounds. Which machine works best for you depends on how much product you need.

      • Self venting
      • Odourless
      • HEPA style air filtration
      • Integral fire suppression
      • Programmable controls
      • Easy to clean
      • Small footprint
      • Large output
      • Modular design


Model PFC570
Volts 240 (or 208)
Amps 24 (or 27)
Capacity 60 lb. per hour
Circuit current 30 amps (or min 30 amps*)
Cord NEMA 6-50 P
Kilowatts 5.7
Phase Single (3 wire)
Cycles 50/60 Hz
Weight 80 lb
Oil Capacity 2 US gallons (8 litres)
Construction 304 Stainless Steel
*For use on an individual branch circuit rated 30A minimum. For supply connectors, use minimum no. 10AWG wire (30A rated).This fryer must be properly connected to a grounded, dedicated 208 VAC single phase circuit according to local installation standards and codes.


Perfect Fry 2FK001 Filtration Kit


One year parts and labour warranty.