Commercial Drop In Sinks

Commercial drop in sinks come in a few different varieties. There is the standard "drop in" style, which will fasten on the top of your counter, or there is the "undermount" style, which will fasten beneath your counter, so that the top surface is flush. When choosing which drop in sink will work best for your commercial kitchen, there are a few considersations to think about.

First off, what will you be using the sink for? If you're using the drop in sink for a hand washing sink, then the sink's dimensions don't need to be that big. But if you're using the sink for washing large pots and pans, then you're probably going to need larger compartments. Pro tip: when picking out the size of your sink, always think about the largest thing you'll be washing, and make sure the sink is big enough for that.

If your sink will just be for hand washing, a one compartment drop in might do the trick. But if you get a three compartment drop in sink, then you'll be able to use it as a full-fledged dishwashing sink, instead of a 3 compartment sink. These sinks can be installed in most counters or worktables, so you're able to turn a working surface into a fully-fledged prep station, where you could wash your produce in the sink, and then prep it on your worktable.

If you're not sure which commercial drop in sink would be best to buy, then just give us a call and we can help you out.
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