Commercial Espresso Machines

A commercial espresso machine is a must-have for most coffee shops in Canada these days. All of our machines are stylish and look great front of house, so that your customers can see your baristas preparing the espresso or cappuccino. There is a variety of differences between types of espresso machines that you might want to buy. So, the type of establishment you have can be a deciding factor.

What kinds of commercial espresso machines are there?

Commercial espresso machines come in three main varieties: superautomatic machines, fully-automatic machines, and semi-automatic machines. In general, the more automated a machine is, the less control you have over the fine details of the espresso.

A superautomatic espresso machine will automate almost every step in the espresso-making process. These are by far the easiest machines to use for a barista, so you don’t have to worry about extensive training. It’s almost as simple as pressing a button. These machines will have built-in hoppers that will hold the beans -- the beans will automatically grind, tamp, brew, and dispense the espresso. You’ll have control over the settings of the espresso, but the machine itself will do all the work.

With a fully-automatic espresso machine, you will have a bit more control over the espresso-making process. The barista will have to grind and tamp the beans herself. After the portafilter is inserted, the barista has to select the number of shots they want and the espresso machine will take care of the rest.

A semi-automatic espresso machine will be found in classy, high-end coffee shops, where the customers want to know that the barista went to 8 years of barista school just to learn how to make an espresso by hand — well, maybe not 8 years. But these do require the baristas to be trained and quite talented as they have to do most of the work themselves. They grind, tamp, insert the portafiler, start and stop the water based on the number of shots they want. Ultimately, the barista needs to be able to know how to tell if a shot is good quality or not, and be able to fix a problem without much help from the machine. So as you can see, these machines require a bit more effort. However, many coffee shops still choose them because of the amount of control they give you and because high-paying customers don’t want their espresso just from the push of a button.

If you’re unsure of which type of espresso machine you want to buy, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out: 1-855-388-5999.
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