Ascaso Barista T Zero 3GR - Three Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Barista T Zero 3GR by Ascaso is a semi-automatic, three group commercial espresso machine. It is a multi boiler espresso machine: one for the steam wand, and one for each group head. 

With an 8 litre boiler, this is considered a high volume espresso machine, and can make anywhere from 40 - 50 drinks per hour. Also, it has PID control. Unlike traditional thermostats, these electronic thermostats are more precise at regulating heat.

Lastly, what separates this espresso machine from some of its counterparts is its low energy consumption. When using the machine, Ascaso's "Multi-Group Technology" makes it so power is used only by the part of the machine that is in use. Each group can be turned off or on independently. As a result, you'll save 50% more power than with the more traditional models.

      • Multiple boilers
      • 40 - 50 drinks per hour
      • Electronic thermostat for precise heat regulation
      • Uses 50% less power without sacrificing output and efficiency
      • Sleek, easy-to-use controls


Model Barista T Zero 3GR
Dimensions (WDH) 36" x 21" x 19"
Boiler Capacity 8 litres
Boiler Power 230v / 50 - 60Hz / 3500w
Steam Heads 2


This is item has a two to three week delivery time. 


One year parts and labour warranty, and an additional four year warranty on the boiler and group heads.