Commercial Fish Scalers

If you’re running a seafood processing location in Canada, like a seafood market, or a grocery store, you’re going to need to be scaling a lot of fish every day. This is where an electric commercial fish scaler will come in handy. One of these tools will help you quickly and consistently scale fishes. These are high-quality commercial pieces of equipment, so they can withstand the demands of any commercial seafood establishment. A manual fish scaler can work for some establishments, but these electric fish scalers will be much better for kitchens that do a high volume, or need to scale fish very quickly.

They are electric, so you won’t have to be doing the hard work yourself. We’ve got both portable and stationary fish-scalers. Think about the set-up you have in your kitchen: will you need to be able to bring the scaler all over the place. Perhaps you have really large fish, and it would be easier to bring the scaler to the fish, rather than brining the fish to the scaler.  

If you’re unsure of which electric fish scaler you should buy, give us a call and we can help you decide. Call us toll free at 1-855-388-5999.
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