Commercial Folding Tables & Chairs

Commercial folding tables and chairs are a pragmatic, practical solution if you want something easy to clean, move, and store when compared to heavier, non-foldable options. And unlike most other tables, these folding ones are suited for use in care homes, schools, hotels, conference centers, hospitals, and more. They have a much more practical and efficient style than wooden or granite tables. They are meant to withstand being carried around, stored away for extended periods of time, and the rigors of children, seniors, and everyone in between.

Obviously, the main benefit for these tables and chairs is that they fold, significantly reducing their footprint. Regular tables that are assembled with screws are a pain to disassemble for winter season, whereas folding options can be set up and then folded back up in seconds. Some of the wider table options even have a center-fold point, meaning the top will fold in half, reducing the space it takes up even more. Legs fold upwards into the underlying base of the table top, meaning they only take up a few inches of space.

These are commercial-grade folding tables, and even if you have a high-end conference center or lodge for weddings, you can always put some white tablecloths over these folding tables, and (voila!) you now have an elegant looking table which can match any high-end décor.

The other major benefit of folding chairs and tables is they are significantly lighter than standard wooden or metal options. If speed during set-up and break-down is something you value highly, this may be your ideal choice. Circular folding tables can even be rolled on their rim if lifting tables is too much weight.

If you like to set your tables up in an organized grid structure, try some rectangular ones. But if you can't be bothered and want something that looks good no matter what, try a circular table - it's the same on every side and therefore will never look misaligned.

If you want something that's durable, plus easy and quick to move, folding tables and chairs are a good place to start. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions.
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