Commercial Food Scales

On the surface, purchasing a scale seems like a straightforward endeavour. However, scales can have a surprising amount of depth - the reason being, is that scales are used throughout a wide variety of food-related industries, and the wide variety of sectors and specialties therein. Here at iFoodEquipment, we like to break down scales into three major categories: scales used for food prep, scales used for trade, and scales used for shipping.

Scales used for food prep contain your traditional portion control scales. These scales can be digital or analog -- digital being specifically designed to get you the upmost accuracy and speed when it comes to obtaining measurements. However, analog scales can be just as efficient. Though a dial traditionally takes longer to stabilize, these scales are extremely portable. Also, they don't run on batteries or adapters, so they're always ready for use. Within the category of scales for food prep, you'll find a further subcategory which can be known as specialty scales. These scales include scales that are going to be used by specific industries, such as baker's or pizza scales.

Scales used for trade include counting scales, hanging scales, and hook scales. It's important to note that all of our scales are legal to use, but not legal for trade. Scales being considered legal for trade is something that needs to be determined by the government. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A scale that is legal for trade can be used to sell products whose value is calculated in relation to weight directly to the customer. If a scale isn't legal for trade, it could only be used for measuring ingredients, but not for calculating a selling cost. If you're just using a scale for measuring ingredients, then it won't need to be legal for trade. On the other hand, if you're selling lobster to customers by the pound, you'll need something that has been certified legal for trade, whether it be by Measurements Canada or an equivalent service provider.

Finally -- scales used for shipping include platform scales, which typically consist of a large, durable weighing platform and tower display to aid those receiving in warehouse setting. Ultimately, these scales help you to measure inbound inventory efficiently, without wasting time.
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