Omcan - Food Storage Container Lid

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Omcan has tight fitting lids for their 10 and 20 gallon round storage bins. They are useful if you need a better seal to protect from contaminants.

Omcan's white ingredient bins are constructed of NSF-certified polyethylene that is sturdy and high-quality to withstand everyday use. They are a great size to keep under a counter or worktable and store dry ingredients like flour, sugar, rice, or oatmeal. They're popular in bakeries, but can also be used in restaurants.

      • Great for dry ingredient storage at bakeries, restaurants, and more
      • Sturdy plastic construction
      • Tight-fitting 
      • NSF certified
      • 30-day warranty


Brand Omcan
Colour White
Warranty 30 days

Model 80597
Compatible with
10 gal bin
20 gal bin
Scoop included
Style Tight-fitting