Omcan 10939 - Meat Tote Tub

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Omcan's jumbo tote tubs are constructed of high-density polyethylene that is FDA approved. Their size and shape make them easy to carry, stack on shelves, and use on conveyor systems, and they have a capacity of up to 100 lb.

They fit on standard cart and rack sizes, and they are resistant to extreme temperatures, so while they're typically used for large quantities of meat in butcher shops, these totes are extremely versatile for any commercial kitchen.

      • Made in the USA
      • Manufactured from high-density polyethylene
      • Grooved to cross-stack with a 90° turn
      • Empty containers nest securely for space-saving
      • Fits standard cart and rack sizes, and works well with most conveyor systems
      • FDA approved
      • 30-day manufacturer's warranty


Model 10939
Capacity 100 lb
Volume 1.1 cubic feet
Dimensions (WDH) 16" x 25" x 8.5"
Construction Polyethylene
Colour White
Warranty 30 days
Certification FDA
Weight 4 lb