T&S Brass - Gas Appliance Coupling - Quick Disconnect

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T&S Brass's gas appliance coupling is used in the installation of gas equipment in commercial kitchens. It is used to provide fast and easy connection and disconnection from fluid lines. Because they can be operated by hand, they often replace other connections that require tools to assemble or disassemble. The quick disconnect function allows for easier service and maintenance, as it prevents fluid leakage and automatically shuts off gas flow when disconnected.

This coupling is available with 1/2", 3/4", or 1" inlets and outlets. It features a two-piece quick disconnect and provides efficient, full gas flow. The quick-disconnect socket acts as a shut-off valve when the plug and socket are disconnected. This product is useful for any commercial kitchen with gas appliances.

      • Gas appliance connector
      • Great for heavy-duty use in industrial kitchens
      • Two-piece quick disconnect
      • Provides efficient, full gas flow
      • Available in three sizes
      • Constructed of durable brass
      • Five-year limited warranty


Brand T&S Brass
Weight 0.82 lb
Construction Brass
Outlet NPT female free spin
Inlet NPT male free spin

Model Size
AG-5C 1/2"
AG-5D 3/4"
AG-5E 1"


Five-year limited warranty