Commercial Griddles

Commercial griddles are often found in restaurants across Canada with limited space, and are great for cooking a variety of items on a single, flat cooking surface. Commercial flat top grills can cook everything from eggs, bacon and pancakes, to steaks and hamburgers. These griddles will have a grease trough that drains into a removable grease drawer below. To pick the best counter top griddle to fit your establishment the first thing that needs to be determined is the amount of space available for the griddle.

Countertop griddles range in size from 12” to 72” and if the size is chosen improperly it can be a big problem. The size of the griddle will determine how many burners you will have because there is usually one burner or heat zone for every 12” of length. Each of the burners will have a separate control knob for each zone which is great for cooking several items with different cook times and temperatures. After the size of the griddle has been determined the next important decision is to purchase a gas griddle or an electric griddle.

Gas powered griddles come in either propane or natural gas, and either manual or thermostatic control. You will need to specify whether you want the machine in liquid propane, or in natural gas. Manual valve commercial griddles have a dial, with readings such as "low" "medium" or "high". Thermostatic commercial griddles will allow you to input a specific temperature to cook at. Gas powered griddles will need special couplings and piping to attach to the main gas line.

Very often electric griddles do not come with a plug and are hard wired into the power source. The machines can come in phase 1 or phase 3 power and it would be good to check with an electrician which power source you have before purchasing the griddle. Electric Griddles usually require special voltages and their own circuit to function properly. Also be sure there is enough room in the electrical panel and that you have the correct wiring.

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