Commercial Hamburger Presses

If you’re making your own patties, rather than pre-made patties, you’re really going to want to have a commercial hamburger press. These can greatly reduce the time needed to make a patty, rather than doing them by hand. You’ll be able to figure out these machines very quickly, so you’ll be making perfectly consistent patties in no time. You can use these presses for your Canadian ground beef, ground turkey, or ground chicken.

These are commercial machines, so they are going to last you for years and years. You’ll have a hard time over-using these machines. One consideration to make is the patty dimension you’ll want, as different machine are designed for different sizes of patties. (And remember, when you’re cooking your patties, they will shrink, so that’s something to consider when you’re thinking about the end-size of your patties).

We sell commercial patty makers to a lot of diners, burger joints, and fast food places who want to have home-made burgers rather than store-bought burgers. It definitely adds a lot of credibility to your restaurant if you're offering your own hand made burgers, rather than store-bought. It's this sort of detail which separates you from McDonalds! 

These machines can be mounted to your countertop, while others have stable legs so they won’t be shifting around while your making your burgers.

If you’re not sure which commercial hamburger press you want to buy, or which is the best commercial hamburger press for your establishment’s needs, then give us a call and we’d love to help you out.
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