Commercial Hot Dog Steamers

A commercial hot dog steamer is a great alternative to a hot dog roller grill, and can work perfectly for high volume locations—so they are used in sports stadiums, convention centres, or fast food chains across Canada. A steamer can cook your hot dogs within 20 minutes and then hold them for a hours until your ready to serve them to your customers. We have steamers which can hold hundreds of hot dogs, so they are perfect for these high-volume locations. (If you're looking for other machines that can steam hot dogs, some of our countertop food warmers could do the trick.)

Most hot dog steamers will also have a location for keeping your buns warm. Some machines will give you precise control over the temperature, and all of these machines will be easy to clean and remove extra water from.

These machines won’t just help you cook hot dogs quickly and conveniently, but they’ll also help you merchandise your hot dogs. They have bright displays and graphics, so these are great machines for increasing impulse purchases.

If you’re not sure which hot dog steamer you should buy, or which hot dog steamer is the best for your location, give us a call at 1-855-388-5999 and we’d be happy to help you pick out the best hot dog steamer for your situation.
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