Nemox Gelato 5K Crea - 7 Qt. Batch Freezer for Ice Cream or Gelato

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The Nemox Gelato 5K is a state of the art gelato, semi-soft ice cream, and granita batch freezer. Its functions include manual operation, four automated production programs, and four storage programs tailored for the different needs and characteristics of the products it makes. These automated programs take care of the whole creation process so you can feel free to focus on other tasks while you wait!

      • Manual and automatic functions
      • Density control
      • Stainless steel blade AIISI 304
      • Removable scrapers
      • Large opening lid with a magnetic safety device
      • Drain for easy cleaning
      • Air cooling
      • NSF approved


Model Gelato 5K Crea
Item 38251250
Dimensions (WDH) 18" x 19" x 16" 
Overall Capacity 7.4 qt
Output 1.3 qt in 12-15 min; 7.4 qt per hr
Weight 75 lb
Electrical 120v / 650w / 5.4a 
Plug 5-15P


One year parts and labour warranty.