Spaceman SM-6245H - Twin Twist Soft Serve Machine - 52 Litre Output

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This is the Spaceman SM-6245H. It is a high capacity twin twist machine, so it has two hoppers for two different flavours, which can be twisted together. It is gravity fed and a countertop model. It has an output of up to 52 litres per hour (or 440 four-ounce servings per hour), so this machine will be great for a high volume establishment.

With this soft serve machine, you're going to be able to do a whole lot more than just serve soft serve: you can do ice cream, frozen yogurt, custards, or even sorbet. 

The SM-6245H's digital control system will automatically regulate and maintain your product's quality. And its refrigerated hopper and "Standby Mode" will keep your product fresh, even overnight.

      • Two flavours plus twist
      • Gravity feed
      • Countertop model
      • Digital controls
      • Hopper agitator included
      • 52 litre output per hour (440 servings per hour)
      • Two 1.7 litre freezing cylinders
      • Two 12 litre mix hoppers


Adds air to the product prior to freezing to make product lighter and less dense. Adjustable to meet your unique offering.

This can save you money, because you'll be using less product. And it's highly recommended for customers serving cones and high-quality ice cream products who want an extra-creamy consistency.


Installation Countertop
Flavours Two flavours + twist
Cooling Air Cooled
Freezing Cylinders 2 x 1.7 litre
Product Mix Hoppers 2 x 12.0 litre
Output 52 litres per hour
Servings per Hour 440 (4oz)
Motor 2 x 1.25 HP
Compressor (main) 2 x 4400 BTU, R404A
Compressor (aux) 1 x 480 BTU, R134A
Electrical 208-230/60/1
Electrical Plug NEMA L-6-30
Weight 430 lb
Dimensions (DWH) 21.8" x 31.2" x 37.6"

With the optional air pump, the hopper capacity is 7 litres (instead of 15) and the output is 45 litres per hour (instead of 37).


All Spaceman products are sold with a 1-year parts and labor warranty. Each machine also includes a 5-year warranty on compressors, hoppers, shells, and evaporators.


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