Commercial Immersion Blenders

Commercial immersion blenders are a versatile product and can blend many different products in almost any container imaginable. Stick mixers are unique from food processors and other blenders because the food that is going to be blended does not need to put in a special container. Some models are even able to be used while the food is simmering on the stove. When selecting an immersion blender there are some features to take into consideration like shaft length, power, and material.

Probably the most important feature when selecting an immersion blender is the shaft length. It would be best to select an immersion blender with a shaft length about 3” to 4” longer than your tallest pot. This will be a lot safer as it will give you that extra little bit of room from the hot items that you may blend. Also if your restaurant grows and your pots start to get bigger you will not need to buy a new blender right away. However, as the size of the shaft increases so does the price so that may need to be taken into consideration.

The next feature to consider is the power of the immersion blender. Immersion stick blenders that have wattage of 600 or more are considered heavy duty and can handle the high usage of a commercial kitchen. An immersion blender with wattage of 200 or less can only handle small batches of soups and sauces.

When designating a blender has light-, medium, or heavy-duty, we base this on the wattage and the shaft length. So for instance a blender with a 12" shaft and 750 watt motor might be considered medium-duty, but the same 750 watt motor with a 18" shaft could be considered heavy-duty because its capacity would be higher.

Finally, you should also consider the material the immersion mixer is made of. Most commercial immersion mixers have stainless steel shafts which makes them much more durable then a residential model as well it makes them easier to clean.

If you need some help picking an immersion mixer out, give us a shout, and we’ll help you out! We ship these immersion blenders all across Canada, so give us a call if you'd like some help.
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