Commercial Induction Cookers

The future has arrived! And here in Canada of all places! These commercial induction cookers are straight out of some science fiction movie! An induction cooker is a great alternative to full size ranges and hot plates. Instead of using traditional electric heating elements or an open flame, an induction cooker uses an electromagnetic current to heat the cookware.

These things are really nifty: the induction cooker doesn’t actually get hot. Only the pan heats up. This means that our induction cookers don’t produce any residual heat. Which saves you energy (and therefore save you moolah!). All energy is transferred to the pan and to the food. Plus, these are super fast! They are just as fast as cooking with gas.

How does an commercial induction cooker work? Well, let’s try to explain: The heating element of an induction cooker does not actually create heat. It creates an electromagnetic field. The magnetic field reacts with the magnetic induction-ready cookware which creates friction to cook your food. No heat can be generated until a magnetic pan is placed on the burner and the heat stops when the pan is removed making it one of the safest forms of cooking. We told you it was pretty cool!

One thing you should consider when buy a commercial induction cooker is this: there needs to be enough space around the induction cooker for it to vent because of the magnetic field. Most induction cookers are light-duty and made just for warming and simmering. There are also heavy duty cookers that can be used for much longer but they are more expensive. It is important to know how often your induction cooker will be used when selecting which one to buy.

You should really remember that only magnetic cookware can be used on an induction cooker and most stainless steel and aluminum cookware will not work. However, many manufacturers make induction ready cookware.

If you’re feeling all scienced-out, we get it! Give us a call and we’ll explain electric-magnetic fields for you and help you in choosing out the best induction cooker for your commercial establishment.
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