Commercial Juice Dispensers

A commercial juice dispenser is a great machine to have in a school cafeteria, hospital, or convenience store. Our uninsulated juice dispensers are best suited for buffets and other self-serve establishments, whereas the refrigerated juice dispensers are most commonly found in convenience stores across Canada. Iced tea, lemonade, juice, and other premixed drinks are very common in cold drink dispensers. Or maybe you're looking for slush machines, or maybe frozen beverage machines.

If you’re purchasing a refrigerated juice dispenser, make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby because these machines have a refrigeration unit to keep the drink cold. However, if you’re getting an uninsulated juice dispenser, they usually have areas to put ice in to keep your drinks colds.

Commercial juice dispensers can come with 1 container and sometimes up to 4 containers. The number of containers a cold drink dispenser has simply means how many different drink types you can have. The container capacity is measured in Litres because this is the most common way of measuring bulk beverages. The best way to convert to gallons is to keep in mind that there are roughly 3.8 litres in a gallon.

One final consideration you should make before getting a juice dispenser is this: how tall are your cups? The height to the dispenser on the machine can only take certain cup heights. So, as always, do your research. Get a measuring stick out. Or give us a call and we’d love to help you out.
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